Catching Up With Josh
We had a chance to catch up with Josh Robert Thompson this week. He’s celebrating the news he announced right before the holidays that he has secured a development deal to help pitch his self-titled variety show. Using mostly his own money, along with a fan fundraiser that surpassed expectations to complete post production, he has a complete, ready-to-air pilot episode in hand. Now, with the help of a new team behind him, he’ll be working to sell the show to television outlets. If you haven’t checked out the trailer, take a look:

If you want to see more of the characters Josh has developed for the show, he regularly broadcasts on Facebook Live, using his improvisational skill and exploring new possibilities. He told us he has embraced social media as a place to be creative, and his fan base continues to grow. More than ten thousand people tuned in to his most recent show, which he performs and directs in real time.

Irons in the Fire
Meanwhile, Josh has been busy as a voice actor, appearing regularly on Family Guy and the new Skylanders Academy on Netflix, where he plays several characters, including (ironically) a floating, talking skull. He has a role as a priest in the horror film Revalator. And he told us he has been working on a new web series titled F*cking 40, a comedic take on the lives of 40 year-olds, directed by Josh’s longtime friend Bill Caco. Watch for that on a web screen near you some time in the coming year.

The Voice of God
Josh has been invited to return for a second year as the “voice of God” announcer for the Writers Guild Awards, one of the premier awards shows in Hollywood, coming up on February 19th with Patton Oswalt hosting. Last year Patton and Josh had the opportunity to ad-lib during the show and they hope to keep the fun rolling. The show is not broadcast on television, but the Los Angeles Times has live streamed the event on their Facebook page in the past.

Thankful For Fans
We asked Josh about his work on The Late Late Show and the growing fan base he has built, dating back to public access television shows, stand up comedy, his many voice acting roles, on-screen performances and more. He said the LLS was a dream job, he is grateful for everyone who had a chance to discover him on the show, and hopes they’ll come along wherever the next ride takes him.

Lip Sync Challenge
We saw Craig do some pretty good lip sync work on The Late Late Show. Can he still bring it and compete head to head with Jay Leno? The full show is on the Spike cable network Thursday at 9pm ET /PT. Check out the backstage preview show here (including interviews with Leno and Ferguson), along with a preview showing Craig at work:

Video courtesy: Spike

Video courtesy: Spike

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  • St-Mic

    Don’t like Jay Leno. Never did. But best of luck to Craig. And you, too, Josh, on the new show!