Craig relaxed last night after his first full week back from a vacation by watching a movie and tweeting about it:  Watched Timecop last night. Haven’t seen that movie in years. Boy 2004 is going to be awesome.

In an unusual story in today’s Hollywood Reporter, actor Taylor Lautner settled a lawsuit against an RV dealership, which will result in one of Craig’s favorite charities, The Lollipop Theater Network, receiving a large donation.

In late night television news, Conan O’Brien has announced the name of his new show coming to cable channel TBS in November.  National online newspaper The Examiner covered the announcement.

The RSA’s @cozyhobo found a fun website called the Scottish Vernacular Dictionary.  It is not for the faint of heart but provides quite a few good laughs.

RSA Member @das_fuxi found a fun clip of voice actor Josh Robert Thompson (the voice of Geoff Petersen) being interviewed on a radio show.

Video courtesy: actingupshow

Today marks two holidays that are perhaps more hallmarks of the past than the present:  It is Newspaper Carrier Day, in an age where fewer and fewer people read newspapers.  And it is the anniversary of the founding of the Eastman Kodak Company, long makers of photographic film which has been mostly supplanted by digital photography.  However, in a holiday that would be popular any time, today is Eat an Extra Dessert Day.  Go ahead… we did!

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