The Hollywood trade newspaper Variety had a brief report on Craig’s new stand up comedy special on Epix February 19th. talks about Denis Leary’s appearance on the LLS and the end of his show, Rescue Me.

If you haven’t had a chance to see Josh Robert Thompson in the making of his More Then Freeman commercials, take a look at the link he included in his tweet:  Watch the making of my new @morethanfreeman commercials: #morethanfreeman

WEEKEND PROJECT: As we mentioned last time, we are looking for some new pictures of Craig to include with our daily posts.  We know some of the roboskellies out there have a big #FergPorn collection.  Please tweet us a link to your favorite(s) or send us the link using the “Contact Us” box on the right hand side of this page.  Please help us identify the source… we like to credit the photographer whenever possible.  Thanks!

When Craig was first invited to host the Independence Day festivities in Boston in 2007, he was not yet a citizen of the United States but excited to be part of a big celebration.

Video courtesy: HeidiDeidiDei

Saturday, January 15 is the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Junior’s birthday, although the holiday will be observed Monday in most states.  Sunday, January 16 is World Religion Day, National Nothing Day and Appreciate a Dragon Day.  Can we appreciate How To Train Your Dragon instead?

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