Craig on Katie
Craig Ferguson appeared on Katie Couric’s daytime talk show on Thursday to clear up the fabricated story in Star Magazine about an alleged feud between the two. Here are the highlights:

Video courtesy: Katie

Before the show, Katie tweeted:

My arch nemesis @craigyferg on today’s #Katie – we have to clear the air about our feud/dating history…

Afterward, Craig tweeted about his appearance on Katie’s show:

My ex gf @katiecouric had me on her show today. Afterwards I felt dirty but elated. #shesofine.

He then added:

FYI literalists! @katiecouric & I never dated (sadly) but happily never had a feud either. It’s just pretend. Like married sex #alsoajoke

And Katie replied:

Hey @CraigyFerg happy we kissed (via satellite) & made up-hope u were wearing knickers under ur kilt! What a scoop Star mag #mysecretcrush!!

So with that, the alleged feud must surely be over and Star Magazine got what it wanted: A ton of free publicity on two network television shows. It must be getting difficult to sell trashy tabloids when the internet has taken over the unsubstantiated rumor business.

Craig and Shakespeare
Also on Thursday, Craig tweeted a reaction to an article in the Huffington Post about his autobiography:

I think I just got insulted and complimented at the same time. What’s that? An insulment? A compult? #spellcheckhatesme

McHale’s Past

TV host, stand up comedian, actor and all around funny guy Joel McHale is on Thursday’s Late Late Show. Long before Community (which will return to NBC in February) and The Soup, he guested on Bill Nye the Science Guy, and as the Huffington Post explains, he looked a bit like Thursday’s other guest, Alton Brown.

Brown Backstage
Chef Alton Brown is on Thursday night’s show. He tweeted a photo from backstage where he started to prepare the meal:

Prepping for @CraigyFerg

Tonight’s Guests

Thursday on the Late Late Show, Craig laughs with TV host/comedian/actor Joel McHale and enjoys the cuisine of chef Alton Brown. On Friday, Craig welcomes actor Michael Sheen and comedienne Ophira Eisenberg.

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