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In Hollywood, it has become an expected part of life: If you appear on somebody’s talk show or podcast, they’ll have to appear on your talk show or podcast someday. Craig Ferguson was an early guest on Kevin Pollak‘s Chat Show (a video and audio podcast) back in 2010, and Pollak has appeared on The Late Late Show and Celebrity Name Game. Recently, Pollak turned up on Craig’s new radio show, so it was inevitable: Craig was a guest on Pollak’s show over the weekend. That first interview a few years ago was, in our humble opinion, one of the best long-form interviews Craig has ever done, and the new interview is great as well. He talked about the challenges of interviewing people, and mentioned that he’s planning to move out of LA in a couple of years.

But perhaps the biggest news to come from the interview was about books. Not only is Craig in the process of writing his promised second novel, The Sphinx of the Mississippi, but he his writing another memoir, covering a lot of ground in his life that didn’t make it into his first autobiography American on Purpose. He said the book would include memories from the “backroads” of his life, and should be coming out in the spring of 2018. The novel is hold, but will come out sometime after the memoir. As huge fans of Craig’s writing, we can’t wait! Here is the full interview:

Video courtesy: Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show

Chris Hardwick Talks
Chris Hardwick‘s new talk show Talking on AMC is quickly getting on a roll. This past week, Chris’ guest was Late Late Show host James Corden. He has also interviewed Elijah Wood, the cast of Silicon Valley, and Michelle Monaghan. The interviews are in-depth and fun, and as the RSA’s @bgrhubarb pointed out, they’re recorded in the old, smaller Late Late Show studio at CBS Television City.

Upcoming Guests
Guests coming up in the next couple of weeks on the Craig Ferguson Show include punk rock legend Steve Jones, Kevin Bacon, Seth Green, comedian/author Moshe Kasher, Paula Poundstone, actor Tim Simons, Ken Marino and more!

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