Battle For The Ages
With Craig Ferguson going up against Jay Leno on Spike’s Lip Sync Battle, you knew the competition would be tough, the music would be from the 60s and 70s, and the atmosphere would be charged. But who knew that along with his kitty cat dress, Craig would find a way to work a very Secretariat-looking unicorn into his spin on an ABBA classic? Leave it to Craig to bring a pantomime twist. The folks over at Yahoo News have the story, and you can see Jay and Craig at work on YouTube.

Take Two And Call Us In The Morning
The British TV comedy/drama Doc Martin will be coming to an end after two more seasons, reports the website The show has been popular in the UK and around the world, and Friends Executive Producer Marta Kaufman is working on developing an American version of the show. That’s good news for Craig, because the character of Doc Martin is based on a character from his film Saving Grace, and will continue to live on.

Good Omens For Amazon
Author and former Late Late Show guest Neil Gaiman will soon see his novel Good Omens adapted into a miniseries for Amazon. The book tells the story of Earth’s fall toward the Apocalypse with a comedic touch.

Video of the Day
After seeing a clue on Celebrity Name Game, Craig just couldn’t resist telling a classic joke:

Video courtesy: Celebrity Name Game

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