Director Departs

The only director the Late Late Show has ever had is leaving the show. Brian McAloon has spent 30 years in network television, working as associate director for the Late Show with David Letterman and then as director for the Late Late Show in Los Angeles starting in 1995 with hosts Tom Snyder, Craig Kilborn and Craig Ferguson.

For those not familiar with the staffing of television programs behind the scenes, the director is the person who plans and directs all of the camera, sound, lighting and other technical cues from the control room during the program. The director is responsible for the “look” of the show on the air during taping. For example, every time you see switching from one camera to another during the show, McAloon is the one who gave the order to make the switch, to turn microphones on and off, to roll video tape, to cue graphics and much more… countless times for more than 3400 episodes over 17 years. Congratulations to Brian for his dedicated service to making great television. The website was first to report the news.

Advice for Spammers
Remember when you were a kid jumping up and down in the store, asking your parent for a toy or a piece of candy… and the more you asked for it, the more determined they became not to give it to you? Sometimes that’s how it works, as Craig Ferguson reminded some overzealous fans on Tuesday:

“ we want an interview with the Latin singer @DulceMaria” I have no idea who this woman is but her spamming fans have made me hate her.

He is referring to the flood of requests from the actress and singer‘s fans, who have been relentlessly sending out an avalanche of similar tweets for weeks, despite friendly advice to ease up a bit.  It’s one thing to make a suggestion.  It’s another to have a small army of people flood a timeline with the same thing day after day.

One of the great things about Twitter is that it provides fans with a reasonably direct line to communicate with celebrities.  Sometimes, a well thought-out idea, funny observation or thoughtful suggestion actually makes it through the clutter and gets rewarded with a re-tweet, a response or an action.  But when it goes over the top and becomes the clutter, you’ll only be shooting yourself in the foot.  It’s further proof that Craig reads his timeline, avoids negative people and tries to respond reasonably until someone crosses the line.  As fans, we would do well to return the favor of taking a reasonable approach.

Bill Maher Headlines New Yahoo Channel

Yahoo is launching a new online comedy channel, which will feature video clips of comedians as well as special live events.  As Digital Media Wire reports, the first live event will be this Thursday, featuring LLS guest Bill Maher.

The Flow of The River
The Los Angeles Times reviews The River, which debuted Tuesday evening and stars LLS guest Eloise Mumford.

Flying Dragons in Person
Dreamworks is launching a live arena show based on How To Train Your Dragon, which will feature “life size” dragons. Check out the trailer for show, followed by a behind the scenes look at an early test of a flying dragon used in the show.

Video courtesy: ShowBizIntl

Video courtesy: Herald Sun

Tonight’s Guests
Tuesday on the Late Late Show, TV host and comedian Bill Maher is on the show, along with actress Eloise Mumford.  On Wednesday, Craig welcomes reality TV personality Carson Kressley and author Anne Rice.

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  • 1 thing i learned abt the “””FERGS””” u push him to do something against his  will he hate u with  vengeance but you give him the respect he deserves he will go to bat for u every time he possibly can, he’s awesome and great that way!!! thx for many nice things u done 4 me over last 4 yrs it is much appreciated!!!

  • I think this week was the 3rd episode of The River (4th if you count the 2 hour first ep as 2 parts).

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    Has anyone heard of a contract agreement between CBS and CF?