Craig was on stage at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut Friday night and will appear on the stage at Carnegie Hall in New York on Saturday.  He retweeted a couple of fan tweets from his New Jersey show on Thursday:  “@xxhalestorm: @CraigyFerg was absolutely fanfuckingtastic. i like cussing, too.”kids say the darndest things. Thanks NJ. // “@NaughtyyNayy: I think that @CraigyFerg is one of the hottest old men alive!:)” enough with the compliments. Really. He also commented on the National League championship series:  Well look at you Phillies. I thought the 7th inning drag queen was going to be the big surprise of the night.

Craig’s opening act Randy Kagan is our dealer for great photos from the tour, including this one:  Boss onstage in CT. He sent another fun shot:  Hot twins at show. And a classic backstage pic:  Dos Douche bags. State Theatre NJ. The folks at the theater in New Jersey where Craig appeared on Thursday were grateful as well:  @CraigyFerg Thanks for a great show last night! Come back soon! -State Theatre staff

We’ve been talking about Craig’s Carnegie Hall shows in New York City  for months and the day is finally here.  When tweeting about the show, tweeters have been hashtagging with #CraigyAtCarnegie.  The RSA’s esteemed General @Malinky2Stoatir has prepared a seating chart for Craig’s 7pm performance:  Seating chart for Carnegie Hall 7pm gig #RSA #CraigFerguson Mal says there were weren’t enough responses to make a chart for the 2pm show.  But no matter which show you’re seeing (or for that matter neither of them), you can still meet some fellow roboskeletons between Craig’s shows on Saturday at an RSA tweetup at the Carnegie Deli on 7th Avenue and 55th Street at 4:30pm.  Please tweet @Colleen_Byrne if you have any questions about the tweetup.

DVR Alert:  Roboskellies in the Los Angeles area will soon get a taste of the British television show Doc Martin, which was based on Craig Ferguson’s movie Saving Grace.  The show will be broadcast Sunday nights on KCET, as the LA Times explains.

Geoff Petersen had another idea for Halloween:  For Halloween, maybe I’ll just wear a Speedo. I’m sure I can borrow one @craigyferg isn’t using. …In his pants!

Friday night on the Late Late Show, it’s a rebroadcast of the September 22nd episode featuring the cast of The Big Bang Theory, without Kaley Cuoco who was at home recovering from a broken leg.  The show includes interviews, tweet-mails, a Star Trek sketch and more.  All new episodes of the Late Late Show resume on Monday.  One blogger reports that the band Stackridge will be taping a segment of the show in the studio on Monday although their air date has not yet been scheduled.  We’ll keep an eye on them and let you know.  We’ll post next week’s complete guest list in Monday’s edition.

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  • awkwrdpaws

    note: Doc Martin also showing in central time zone on PBS Saturdays 7pm:

  • GoatHerderBoy

    Mr. Kagan’s photos are really good. I wonder what camera/lense he was using to take the CT stage shot?