Craig To Return To Montreal
Get ready, Canadian roboskellies: Craig Ferguson is making his return to the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal with two shows on Saturday, July 29. Craig first appeared on the Montreal stage 30 years ago, as a visiting comedian from Scotland, and he has been back several times over the years hosting shows at the festival. You can find ticket information on our Live Comedy Tour page.

Bill Nye Is Back
Bill Nye the science guy’s show Bill Nye Saves The World is returning for a second season on Netflix, reports Former Late Late Show Executive Producer Michael Naidus is the showrunner and Executive Producer for the show, and former LLS guest and astronomer Phil Plait is the show’s head science writer.

Blue Leopard
Not unlike the cat at the end of the Late Late Show that wasn’t a real cat, Craig explains on Celebrity Name Game that there’s no such thing as a blue leopard.

Video courtesy: Celebrity Name Game

A Short Break

We’ll be taking a week off, but will return with our regularly weekly post on Wednesday, July 5th. Of course, if there is any breaking Craigy news, we’ll be sure to pass it along. Thank you as always to our loyal readers!

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