Craig is in Nashville on Saturday night, wrapping up a pair of stand up comedy performances before sold-out crowds.  Both shows are being recorded for television and will be edited into a comedy special due to be released on cable sometime in 2011 with a DVD release to follow.  A robust and enthusiastic group of robot skeletons are in Music City USA to cheer on our fearless leader and enjoy some roboskelly camaraderie.

Craig’s opening act, Randy Kagan sent some photos before tonight’s shows:  We all got cowboy hats in Nashville. CF checking out theatre before taping. Sneak peek at CF’s special. That last picture shows the stage, a bit more well-lighted and fancy compared to most of his shows but is gussied up for the television cameras.  The RSA’s @Diane4Mail got a picture of the portable television control room trucks parked outside the theater: Movie star recoding equipment.

For those in Nashville, the RSA’s @Tzankoff will be bringing Fergybot4000 to the lobby of his hotel after the second show for anyone who wants to see the RSA’s “other” robot in person.  Check out his tweets for details.  The ever-resourceful @ScottishConan got a picture of Fergybot4000:  Not often you see this on the streets of Nashville. He’s a chatty Cathy.

Were there celebrities at the show?  Oh yeah.  The RSA’s @Colleen_Byrne spotted a well-known country singer:  JoDee Messina, 2nd row e from the left, red hair She also spotted Trace Adkins earlier in the day.

After the second show of the night, Craig tweeted:  Thank you Nashville you were incredible. You made a vulgar lounge entertainer feel like a star. I thank you xxx

Craig’s last scheduled live stage appearance for 2010 is in Indio, CA on December 3rd.

Geoff Peterson tweeted tonight:  Saturday night. Mr @craigyferg is wowing them onstage in other parts and here I sit with parts of me still in Customs. I got nuthin’. In…

Saturday, November 20th is Family Volunteer Day, Revolution Day (Mexico) and Name Your PC Day.  We call ours “Majestic Interlude”.  Extra points if you remember what that reference is from.  Sunday, November 21 is UN World Television Day and World Hello Day.  So… Hello, world!

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