We got the chuckle of the day from the RSA’[email protected]ChosenMert#RSA @CraigyFerg should the phrase be #inyourWORLWIDEpants ? Maybe not… Could Craig go for the synergy with the parent production company? We’re guessing even corporate whores have their limits.

The ever-resourceful @Colleen_Byrne tracked down a radio interview on the BBC, where Stephen Fry mentions Craig:  Run to http://bbc.in/994gJC to hear Fred MacAuley interview Stephen Fry on BBC Radio Scotland. They sing Craig’s praises! #craigFerguson To hear just his portion of the show, look toward the bottom of the page and click on the link that says Stephen Fry-Interview.  It lasts about 22 minutes and the discussion about Craig is about halfway through.  The post will only be available until Tuesday, so be sure to listen soon!

If you don’t already follow the wonderful @bgrhubarb, we highly recommend that you do. She keeps up on all of Craig’s live appearances, ticket availability and so much more.  Her twitter page is daily reading for us!

The RSA’s one and only @Fergufool has a number of interesting Craig video clips on her YouTube channel, including our fearless leader doing a short promotional ad for the show that ran during the NCAA basketball tournament.

Video courtesy: Fergufool

Willie Nelson

It’s another all-new week of episodes on the Late Late Show.  Hot off the presses, here’s a look at the week’s guests:  Monday kicks off with one of Craig’s favorites, actress Mindy Kaling along with journalist Steve Hartman from CBS News.  On Tuesday, actress Patricia Heaton, actor Adam Brody and the music of Sara Bareilles.  On Wednesday, Craig plans to enjoy the cast of The Big Bang TheoryJim Parsons, Simon Helberg, Johnny Galecki and Kunal Nuyyar will be there.  We’re waiting for word about Kaley Cuoco who is recovering from a horseback riding accident.  On Thursday, watch for actor Jon Hamm and actor Jonathan Ames.  Then Craig wraps up the week with actor Jason Schwartzman and the return of Willie Nelson, complete with shorter hair.

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