A Twitter user named @WCTheLime (who curiously is not following Craig Ferguson) asked:  @CraigyFerg Is that the Time Bandits map of time holes in the background? To which Craig replied:  @WCtheLime Congratulations you win title of most observant nerd. Yes it is. Don’t tell God I have it. We noticed several RSA peeps talking it up in their timeslines just minutes after it was posted, so clearly there are lots of observant nerds in the hollowed out volcano.

Late Late Show Producer Michael Naidus tweeted on Friday:  What do Egypt and Dr. Who have in common? As Craig Ferguson put it: The triumph of romance and intellect over brute force and cynicism. Indeed, sir.  The coming months will be very interesting.  Craig agreed:  Intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism. #goodluckEgypt

Craig heads to Thackerville, Oklahoma Saturday night for his first live stand up comedy performance of the year and to test-drive some new material.  The show was delayed from last weekend by bad weather.  For Craig’s series of shows in Denver, only the 10:30pm performance on Wednesday, March 16 still has as tickets available.  His sister, Lynn Ferguson, is in Palm Springs, CA Friday and Saturday performing her one-woman show, Heart & Sole.

Detroit television station WXYZ talks about the year’s anticipated animated films including Winnie The Pooh.

Friday on the Late Late Show, Craig welcomes actor Jason Biggs and science writer Jennifer Ouellette.

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  • Bernard D

    was it just me or did craigyferg cut to commercial fairly quick with biggs?