Standup Special Trailer
The trailer for Craig Ferguson‘s new stand up comedy special Tickle Fight has been released by Netflix, one week before the special debuts on December 5th. Dropping the suit jacket for a decidedly more casual, post-talk show look, Craig returns to the stage with his unique take on the world. Several websites, including, and have been promoting the special. Here’s a look at the trailer:

Video courtesy: Netflix

Where Are They Now?
The website decided to take a look at what some late night personalities have been up to lately. On the list is Josh Robert Thompson, the voice of Geoff Peterson on The Late Late Show who has appeared in feature films, continued his work as a voice actor (including the role of Skull on Skylander’s Academy) and plans to release his self-titled comedy special soon.

Robotic Monologue
In this monologue from The Late Late Show, Craig talks about how hot it is in Los Angeles, robots, vacuum cleaners and a (faux) leopardskin thong.

Video courtesy: YouTube

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