As we reported Tuesday afternoon, Craig‘s stand up comedy special Does This Need To Be Said will be available on Netflix Instant Watch beginning Friday, May 20th.  That’s 90 days after it premiered on the EPIX premium cable channel.  In the meantime, you can see it on by becoming a subscriber or by using their 14-day free trial offer for Craig Ferguson fans.  Details are on our Stand Up Special page.

Craig is tweeting about the sign on his door at CBS: sign outside my office. I think CBS may be dropping hints. He also wished his late-night counterpart Jimmy Fallon a happy anniversary:  Happy anniversary @jimmyfallon. I enjoy being against you. #homoeroticdoubleentendreftw Fallon is celebrating is celebrating his second year hosting Late Night on NBC with an ice cream named for the show, as ABC reports.

Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker has a prediction about Craig’s new stand up act, due to debut in Denver later this month:  craigs working on new standup act. we are debating the correct pronunciation of the word ‘clitoris’. i dont think its gonna be a clean show.

More media reports are talking about Craig’s decision to lay off the Charlie Sheen jokes, including Canada’s Globe and Mail,, Milwaukee’s local news radio station, and USC’s student online newspaper.  Also getting some press is Craig’s conversation with Isaac Mizrahi, from and has the latest run of Winnie the Pooh promotional posters.  We like the last one in the list.

In an article about the acting prospects for actress Cheryl Cole, the BBC mentions how Craig has succeed in America, regardless of his accent.

Pre-sale ends and general tickets go on sale Wednesday for Craig’s April 29th live stand up show in Austin, Texas.  Details are on our Live Comedy Tour page.

Wednesday on the Late Late Show, TV’s cranky but lovable House MD, actor Hugh Laurie returns, along with reality TV personality from Flying Wild Alaska Ariel Tweto, whose last minute appearance, perhaps sparked by a tweet Craig made last week, is getting noticed.  And Craig added Wednesday evening:  @ArielTweto you were terrific on the show. Safe trip home. Big ups to my homies in Unakleet. #manyalaskansareactuallycool On Thursday, Craig welcomes back actor Neil Patrick Harris, and we hear a performance by musical guest Tomorrows Bad Seeds.


Guest updates:  Comedienne Kathy Griffin is in for Tim Meadows on Friday and comedian Phil Hanley has moved into next Friday’s show instead of actor Gary Oldman.  Comedian Lewis Black, the band Stackridge, entrepreneur Martha Stewart, actor Seth Rogen and actress Brie Larson have been added to the following week’s schedule.  Further update:  Then on March 17-18 very, very late after NCAA men’s basketball, CBS will have two encore episodes on standby, from January 7th and 12th, featuring actress Mila Kunis, comedian Geechy Guy, actor David Duchovny and super nanny Jo Frost.  See the complete list on our Guests page.

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  • Charlie Ocean

    Yeah, just like the Brit Spears thing, the Charlie Sheen thing is NOT funny. Back in the Wild Wild West, they used to have “shows” where people paid money to watch two old locomotives smash into each other at high speed. THIS is where the whole Charlie thing is headed. BUT there is hope (and even though he tossed the “big book” at the camera), the help he needs is (as Craig says) right near the front of your phone book. Salvation is offered to every man, but you gotta want it.

    He doesn’t want it….right NOW. Nothing would please me more than to see a sober, safe and sane Charlie on the Craigy Show before the year is out. I’m praying for him and I do NOT want him to be a victim…MAN UP, Charlie. You gotta problem…no different than if you were a diabetic or a heart patient…handle it, handle it.

    That being said, I DO kinda like his pervy living arrangement. Hey Charlie, you can still do that when you’re sober and you’ll actually REMEMBER it.

    Ask Robert Downey Jr, ask Drew Barrymore….hell, ask CRAIG. As I was exiting rehab, I asked my counselor “why am I an alcoholic, what makes ME different than folks that can have a glass of wine and then go home.” Leo said (and I’lll nevefr forget it):

    “It doesn’t matter how the donkey got in the ditch….just get him out! We’ll worry about particulars later.”