Craig performd at the State Theater in New Brunswick, New Jersey on Thursday night.  He’ll be up in Uncansville, Connecticut Friday night at the Mohegan Sun Casino before finishing this week’s tour at Carnegie Hall in New York City on Saturday.

Craig’s opening act, Randy Kagan, has been tweeting more news and pictures.  After Wednesday night’s show in Scranton, he tweeted:  Ready for this? A woman called the cops because i swore on stage. Not kidding. [He said some other stuff as well… we’ll say it was something like “tutsi-fruitsy”]  On Thursday, he continued with a video clip:  Craig, Chris and Jeff in a flight simulator. Three Gayviators. He then sent two pictures:  We actual went to a museum/strip joint. Cleopatra was a headless hottie. Just the way I like em. // CF with his hands in the air like he just don’t care.

Newspapers in New London and Norwich, Connecticut are talking about Craig’s upcoming show at the Mohegan Sun Casino on Friday.

Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker is already in New York City, ahead of Craig’s two shows on Saturday and she’s tweeting:  Shopping in NYC and who do I run into but Liza, makeup artist extraordinaire, from The Late Late Show! // raced a stranger around the central park loop. fastest run since our all time worst run. now in fetal position on hotel bed LLS assistant producer Andrea Wayland has the week off and tweeted about it:  It’s Saturday night right? Yep. Thought so. I’m wearing my Saturday night pants. When the RSA’s @_WolfSpirit asked Andrea if her pants were labeled, she responded:  Labeled? No, I’m not nine. I’ve got a week off and I’ve got no idea what day it is. It’s awesome!

Robot skeleton sidekick Geoff Petersen isn’t quite sure what to make of the upcoming holiday:  10 days away from my 1st Halloween since I was built by @grantimahara. I hear I’m supposed to dress like something scary… Hello??

Geoff’s voice, Josh Robert Thompson, tweeted a very nice thought:  Being part of “The Late Late Show” w @craigyferg is a tremendous honor for me. Somewhere up there, Johnny Carson is smiling. 🙂

The RSA’s @uebergeek2 had a chance to see Lynn Ferguson‘s one-woman show in Los Angeles this week and said this about it:   “Top-notch: both writing and performance.”  The show had a three-night run this week.  Let’s hope it gets staged again so more people have a chance to see her work.

The group trying to preserve the historic character of Cumbernauld House in Craig’s home town in Scotland got some national press in the UK.

On Thursday’s Late Late Show, its the September 15th episode with comedian Don Rickles and actress Ellie Kemper.  On Friday, watch for the rebroadcast of the September 22nd show featuring the cast of The Big Bang Theory, minus Kaley Cuoco who was at home recovering from a broken leg.

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  • MolotovKirktail

    Josh says it all. I’m certain Johnny’s loving every second of the Late Late Show! What a beautiful sentiment!