Tickle Fight Coming Soon
Craig Ferguson‘s newest stand up comedy special Tickle Fight will be coming to Netflix on December 5th. Craig previewed the special with a “big budget ad campaign” on Twitter:

CF To Headline Writers’ Workshop
Craig is known as an outstanding writer, and this spring in Ohio, he’ll be passing along some of his knowledge at the University of Dayton’s Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop. Among the workshop’s faculty is actress and author Kathy Kinney, best known for her iconic role as “Mimi” in The Drew Carey Show, who urged Craig to take part. Registration for the event ($450 per person) opens December 5th. Thanks to the RSA’s  @whyterose713 and @bgrhubarb for drawing it to our attention!

Get Sirius
For a limited time (now through November 26) you can listen to SiriusXM for free. The brief trial period is intended to give listeners a taste of what’s available on the satellite-based subscription service. You can learn more about the free trial offer here.

Leisure Time For Chimps
In this clip from The Late Late Show, Craig asks an audience member about how she hurt her foot, ponders the leisure time of a chimp in Spain, and rants about commercials using popular songs.

Video courtesy: YouTube

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