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Craig Ferguson is preparing for a ten-show run at the Comedy Works in Denver, starting Wednesday, March 16th.  Both he and his opening act, comedian Randy Kagan have been working up new material and will have a chance to use it in front of some sold-out but comparatively smaller crowds before heading back to the big auditoriums later in the spring.  Check out our Live Comedy Tour page for all of the venues currently on the list and ticket information.  Don’t forget, there are still Sunday night tickets available in Denver!

Craig retweeted Scottish comedian and BBC radio host Fred MacAulay‘s tweet on Sunday:  Just back from Stornoway. Comedians….get yourselves up to an lanntair! What a gig. An Lanntair is an arts center that has exhibits, films, theater, comedy and more located in the city of Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis, the largest island of the Outer Hebrides, which is part of Scotland.  Brush up on your Gaelic before visiting… it’s heavily used in the islands.

Brie Larson

There are no tapings going on in the studio at CBS Television City for the next two weeks but thanks to the hard work of the LLS crew, we’ll get to see three more all-new episodes of the Late Late Show before the re-run fairy settles in for the next seven shows.  First up on Monday is comedian Lewis Black and music by the British band Stackridge.  On Tuesday entrepreneur Martha Stewart is on the show.  And on Wednesday, Craig welcomes actor Seth Rogen and actress Brie Larson.  On Thursday, we’ll see the January 7th episode, featuring actress Mila Kunis and Las Vegas comedian Geechy Guy.  Then on Friday, we’ll catch up with the January 12th episode with actor David Duchovny and TV nanny Jo Frost.

The encore shows on Thursday and Friday may air significantly later that 12:35pm or be pre-empted entirely, depending on how long the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament games run.  In past years, the tournament has tended to push start times for local news, The Late Show with David Letterman and the LLS back at least an hour.  Check out our Guests page for a full list of the next week’s encore episodes and guests who have been scheduled to appear on future shows.  New episodes resume on March 28th.


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  • Great job as always.

  • I hate that we’ll have to make do with re-runs, but some Craigy is better than no Craigy. Knowing that he’s on the road, testing out his new material just means it’s getting closer to April 23 when I get to see him in person for the first time in Windsor! I can’t wait! Thanks for all you do to keep us updated!

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      You do! In fact, more than most. Thanks to everyone who takes time to comment. 🙂

  • No one ever comments, so I am. I know of running a site where no one comments.

    This continues to be THE PLACE for Craig and Craig-related news. Great job, looks better with every format adjustment, everything you need to know if you’re a Craig fan.

    Excellent. Cheers!

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      Thank you, Joe. And thanks for having a great site too. Lots of great information on so many shows!