Craig had a fun time in Northern California over the weekend, with stand up shows near San Jose and in San Francisco.  He tweeted a nice picture on Saturday night: backstage in San Francisco with upcoming local comedian Talk about a San Francisco comedy legend!  And later, he added:  I had superhappyfuntime in SF and Saratoga. Thanks @donttrythis & @mythbusters & Robin Williams & NoCal roboskeletons. If you were at either the Saratoga or San Francisco show, we’d like to hear your story and see your still pictures if you have some (sorry, no video of Craig on stage, please).  Let the rest of the #RSA know about the good time you had.  Craig’s next live appearances are coming up in early October in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Kansas City.

The folks over at TVSquad thought Craig’s interaction with Malin Ackerman was one of the funniest clips of the week.

Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker sent an interesting picture on Friday night… we’re not quite sure who was taking the picture but we have a guess:  I’ve been upgraded to pilot

Brie Larson

It’s another week of all-new live (shh!) shows on the Late Late Show.  On Monday, Craig kicks off the week with actor Philip Seymour Hoffman and actress Ellie Kemper.  On Tuesday, one of Craig’s favorite guests, Kristen Bell, will be on the show and we’ll finally get to hear the music of Sarah McLachlan, who had been originally booked to appear back in May but will be on in September, thanks to the magic of television.  On Wednesday, comedy legend Don Rickles returns to the show, along with actress/singer Brie Larson.  Craig talks with the one and the only William Shatner on Thursday about his new show and he’ll meet author Sloane Crosley.  And on Friday, actress Jennifer Finnigan will appear along with fashion expert Tim Gunn (whispered:  Tim Gunn).

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  • Annicca

    I find the TV Squad thing to be hilarious! They write “Craig Ferguson flirts with actress Malin Akerman on ‘The Late Late Show’ (weeknights, 12:37AM ET on CBS), dazzling her with his Scottish accent and his knowledge of Swedish. […]”

    Guess who sent him the email and taught him the Swedish! xD

  • MolotovKirktail

    Ack! That’s totally not me! THIS is me! Kirk! 🙂

    Great week of shows, by the way! PSH, Kristen Bell, Sarah McLachlan, Rickles, Shatner, Tim Gunn **timgunn**. WOW!

  • Kirk

    Hey! Whaddadoo, RSA News! More love from Louisiana,Y’all! Just amazing! I check RSA News at least once a day to keep up with everything Craig and your hard work is greatly appreciated! If you’re ever in Looooooosiana, look me up and we’ll have some good catfish! 🙂

  • Beanonacracker

    Thanks for the awesome updates. I really appreciate it. Just wanted to say thanks.

  • @LaurenGrindle

    I’ll be at the taping for William Shatner on Thursday. Can’t wait!! I’m busting at the seems!

  • ForeverKith

    love how you keep us updated and really appreciate all your hard work.