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New York Magazine saw late night entertainment everywhere it looked on Wednesday night, including Craig‘s take on Simon Cowell no longer on American Idol.

So what was up with Larry King‘s blue hand on the LLS?  Larry’s wife Shawn explained in a pair of tweets:  @kingsthings just told me he liked leaning on @CraigyFerg‘s desk. I think it’s because that angle hid his mysterious blue hand. // @kingsthings hand was blue on @CraigyFerg‘s show 2nite because he likes putting it in the pocket of his new dark blue jeans.:) Retired life seems to be treating Larry well.

In 2009, the Windsor, Ontario Star newspaper had an article about Craig who was touring to promote his autobiography, American On Purpose. He talked about his boss, David Letterman.

Photo by: Francois Guillot/AFP

Thursday’s guests on the Late Late Show are actress Maria Bello and biologist Dan Riskin. Plus, we’ll see a special guest as Craig tweeted:  Tonight an old crocodeelio friend returns to the show. On Friday, Craig welcomes actor Jeff Bridges.

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