The interwebs are buzzing about the cast of The Big Bang Theory on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and about Craig Ferguson on the premiere of TBBTKen Tucker from Entertainment Weekly has a clip from Craig’s appearance on the sitcom (Note: The video itself was posted by CBS on Twitvid and seems to have quality issues with the picture. We found a clip with the video working better at

The folks at note that due to her horse riding accident, cast member Kaley Cuoco will not likely appear on the LLS tonight, and reports she was written out of the TBBT premiere… and that the show will go on extended haiatus awaiting her return, rather than trying to write her out of additional episodes.  Craig seemed to back that up her absence with a tweet tonight, mentioning only the men in the show’s cast:  The gentlemen of The Big Bang Theory were so fantastic on my show tonight that it was almost like a real tv show. I’m so proud. Thanks guys.

The RSA’s @Fergufool was kind enough to tweet:  In case Kaley doesn’t make the show bcause of the broken leg, here’s the Lip Plumper clip including her interview:

Simon Helberg from TBBT also tweeted this afternoon:  Backstage at Ferguson. Craig drops by the Big Bang apartment, Kunal and I end up on a spaceship in the future, and other surprises. Tonight! Hellberg will be joined tonight by Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kunal Nuyyar for a comedy sketch, tweets/emails and interviews tonight.  Don’t miss the show or Thursday night’s premiere of TBBT!

Hart Hanson, creator of the show Bones chimed in:  Ah, God, how terrible/great that @craigyferg is hosting Big Bang folks tonight on the late night’s best talk show. So confusing! Then moments later, he added:  How great and NON-CONFUSING is it that David Boreanaz will be on the @craigyferg show next Tuesday night? Absolutely true, HH… and nice plug for your guy.  David will indeed by on the show next week, according to the schedule.

Voice actor Josh Robert Thompson tweeted today as well:  Hijinx in Hollywood w/Geoff Petersen, the “Late Late Show” Crew and BETTY WHITE!!! #RSA We noticed that Betty has been added to Thursday’s list of guests scheduled for taping, so we’ll have to wait another night to see what happens.  For you Mythbusters fans, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman have been added to the guest list for early October.  Also added for later in October are Drew Carey and Deidrich Bader (both alumni of The Drew Carey Show) but appearing on different nights.  It does not appear that a DCS reunion is in the works but we’ll keep an eye on it for you.

Earlier in the day, Craig tweeted that he wasn’t looking forward to an appointment:  Off to have a cavity filled thus morning. Then I have to go to the dentist. Bah. Curse my Scottish teeth. But you’re an American now, Craig. You were outfitted with new teeth as part of your naturalization!  Let’s hope it went well.

Tonight on the Late Late Show, of course it is the big show with  Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg, Johnny Galecki and Kunal Nuyyar from The Big Bang Theory.  Thursday night will feature actors Jon Hamm and Jonathan Ames.

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    The Big Bang Theory combo show with Craig Ferguson was just perfect. Nick and I laughed and laughed. All the parts fit together well.

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    Yeah! Today, The View’s 3000th show gives us previous shows’ highlights & our Craig is there! Of course! #RSA’s