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Paris Hilton may not know how to make her iPhone work but at least she can still tweet as she did yesterday, albeit to the wrong user name: Hey @Craigy, backstage at your show :). See you in a few xoxo Paris Craig is following her on Twitter and after the show, she tweeted with the correct name:  Just finished watching Craig Ferguson Show,. 🙂 So happy with the way it turned out! I felt really comfortable and had fun. Love @CraigyFerg

Don’t forget, Craig‘s Shark Week special airs on Discovery Canada tonight.  (Check for the local times in your region and multiply by 1.0296 for the current exchange rate, etc.)

Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker sent an unusual tweet to LLS assistant producer Andrea Wayland last night:  @andreawayland sorry about the gazpacho Andrea responded:  @rebtuck there’s no need to apologize (not to be mistaken with the song ‘Apologize’ by OneRepublic) for your gaspaching. ‘Spacho on, I say. We can only imagine what happened.

Today, Andrea pointed out:  It’s one of those Freaky Friday’s where we’re here in the office at the Late Late Show! Also, it is the last day for our Summer Interns. 🙁 It is also the last day the Late Late Show crew will be in-house for a while.  According to the company that handles tickets for the show, there are no tapings scheduled until August 30th and Craig has no stand up comedy dates scheduled until September.  Could this mean an actual vacation for Craig and the hard-working LLS team?  We certainly hope so.  However, because they have been taping quite a few extra segments in recent weeks, new “live” episodes are still being listed at least through mid-August.  We’ll keep an eye out for the rerun fairy and keep you posted.

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig chats with actor Mark Wahlberg and actress Jacinda Barrett.

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