Purple Hair
Craig Ferguson is sporting purple hair these days, and he has reason to celebrate. His new show Couple Thinkers has been performing well on YouTube. Craig tweeted some stats, which indicates the second episode of the show not only has more than half million views, it is enjoying a 70 percent view rate, far above the 20 percent average for the platform. It means that people are watching the show and sticking with it without clicking away. The second episode features Neil deGrasse Tyson. You can see the whole series here, along with short clips of Craig and his wife Megan talking about the clothes provided by Gant, the show’s sponsor.

Radio Guests
Upcoming guests on Craig’s SiriusXM radio show include Nikki Glaser, Ross Matthews, Alli Breen, Bruce Dickinson, Jim Parsons, Bill Nye, and Bob Saget.

Josh’s Show Coming Soon
Josh Robert Thompson, best know to Late Late Show fans as the voice of Geoff Peterson, will be launching his self-titled television show on YouTube in November. Check out the trailer here, and if you haven’t seen it, watch the trailer to the feature film The Revelator, in which Josh plays the role of a priest.

Avoid Pixelation
In this monologue from The Late Late Show, Craig talks about the Berlin wall and attempts to do a drawing, but as usual, pushes the envelope.

Video courtesy: YouTube

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