The RSA News will be posted daily at a new time beginning Friday:  We have noticed that tweets from Craig and the producers of the Late Late Show (as well as other news about the show) are popping up more frequently in the late afternoon and early evening… often after we have already posted our offering for the day. We want to ensure that as much of the day’s RSA-related news as possible is summarized in our daily posts and relevant information can be previewed in the hours leading up to the show each night. So as an experiment beginning on Friday, September 3rd, we will change the time we publish the RSA News each day. We will now post each day at 3am GMT/11pm ET/8pm PT, about 90 minutes before the show airs in the eastern half of the US.  We appreciate feedback not only the posting time change but about the entire site and the information we provide each day.   As always, thank you for being loyal readers and contributors. The RSA News is here because of you!

UPDATE:  LLS  assistant producer Anderea Wayland was home sick yesterday but returned to work today.  Her boss, producer Michael Naidus welcomed her back with a tweet:  Andrea is back and we are warming up the doorbell in her honor. Make those tweets good today. Warming up the doorbell?  Oh yes.  Craig tweeted this evening:  My buddy @nerdist on the show tonight to help with emails. Send your geeky queeries. Btw Geeky Queeries etc etc Craig then added:  That whippersnapper @nerdist fab on the show tonight. @sarawatkins brilliant. If only @dontrythis had been there it would have been nerdvana enjoy Rachel Ray‘s exchange with Craig last night.

An Iowa newspaper profile of comedian Steve Hofstetter includes his story of waiting backstage before appearing on the Late Late Show and how Craig helped him feel relaxed with a single sentence.

We’re hoping the listed guests on the show are actually the ones who appear *shakes fist at CBS for not telling us about last-minute changes yesterday* Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig welcomes actress Anne Heche and comedian Billy Gardell.

On Friday,watch for actress Brooke Shields and actor DJ Qualls.

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