Radio Days
Craig Ferguson is hard at work, hosting his daily two-hour SiriusXM radio show on “Faction Talk” Channel 103, from 6-8pm ET / 3-5pm PT with the help of Joseph Bolter. Don’t have a subscription? Check out the options, including a way to stream the show on your computer or mobile device. Among Craig’s upcoming guests are Nikki Glaser and Michael McMillian. The show’s website lists George Hamilton coming up in October and Bruce Dickinson of the band Iron Maiden in November.

Couple Thinkers
The first episode of Craig’s new show Couple Thinkers with his wife Megan will be on YouTube October 9. Media outlets like The Hollywood Reporter and are making note of the new show, focusing so far on its sponsor tie-in, but we expect to see more coverage about the show’s content once it’s available to a wide audience.

Zombies Eat Brains
Craig talks about Flavor-Flav, zombie movies and more on The Late Late Show.

Video courtesy: Antonio FergusonFan

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