Craig is clearly on a roll.  He’s been making himself laugh along with the rest of us more and more lately.  Geoff Petersen is getting more involved in the show (not just #inyourpants) and the guests have been golden.  If you still have friends out there who aren’t watching the Late Late Show, there is no excuse.  Tell them to give it a try.  This is great television, friends.

Jennifer Finnigan had a great time as a guest on the Late Late Show and tweeted about it:  Thanks for all the awesome tweets re: my interview with @CraigyFerg!! So cool!!

RSA members @kal3igh and @LunaTechChick both had their tweets read by @CraigyFerg last night.  You could have your tweet or email read by Craig on the show, if you send it in.  Tweet it between 4-6pm ET/1-3pm PT for best results.  LLS assistant producer Andrea Wayland recommends that you don’t try to be funny… that’s Craig’s job.  Include your name and your town (or geotag if your twitter client has that feature) and you’ll have a chance.  We’ve lost track of how many member of the robot skeleton army have had their tweets read but it’s a bunch.  Go for it!

Randy Kagan, the comedian who gets the crowd rolling at Craig’s live stand up appearances, got to meet Robin Williams last weekend and sent a picture:  Robin and I 9/11/2010. He also got to meet Don Rickles at the studio this week, and tweeted a short video clip:  There’s a lot of legends. Only one tells jokes. Ladies and Gentleman, Don Rickles. For a professional comedian to meet legends like those must feel great. Congrats, Randy!

The New York Times began publishing on this day in 1852.  If you live in Idaho, it’s Spud Day and it’s also National Play-Doh day.  We’ll be over at the table trying to make a lump of Play-Doh look like a dog if you need us.

In case you missed it, NBC is rebroadcasting the episode of Saturday Night Live from this past spring, hosted by Betty White.

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