Why Craig and the LLS?
There are so many reasons to be a fan of Craig Ferguson.  When you meet someone who has not yet become a fan, it’s hard to resist telling them all about what he does and why the Late Late Show is different from anything else on television.  Writer Todd VanDerWerff tries to explain on AVClub.com why he likes the show, with Craig at the center of it all.

Parent Bonus Points
Craig was out and about doing family things on Saturday in LA and scored some points:

Took my 10y/o son & his pals to the launch of MarioKart 7 today. They saw 1 of the girls from I Carly. Parental approval rating improving

Where Ya Sittin’?
If you’re planning to be in Thackerville, OK on January 28th to see Craig Ferguson’s live stand up comedy show at the WinStar World Casino, be sure to tweet your seats to the RSA’s @Colleen_Byrne, who is putting together a seating chart of as many robot skeletons as she can.  A day before the show, she’ll tweet out the chart so you’ll know where your fellow hobos are sitting.  Don’t have tickets yet?  You can find them using our Live Comedy Tour page.

Nerdist Holiday Special

BBC America is planning a gift for nerds and geeks on December 24th, when the we’ll get to see the second episode of the television version of the @Nerdist podcast.  You may remember that Craig was a guest on the show’s pilot episode.  BBC America liked it so much they ordered more episodes.  And when you see the guest lineup, you’ll know why.

Her Majesty Has Tea With the President
In this sketch, Craig wonders what a meeting between Queen Elizabeth II and George W. Bush would be like. We particularly like the framed picture of Prince Charles behind them… and the 70s-style freeze-frame at the end.

Video courtesy: 0mniscient

Early December Holidays
Saturday, December 3rd is the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities and the birthday of actress Daryl Hannah and actor Brendan Fraser.  Sunday, December 4th is the birthday of model/TV host Tyra Banks and game show host Wink Martindale.  It is also the anniversary of the mysterious discovery of the ship Marie Celeste in 1872.

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  • I will be at the Dec 7th taping…Part of our annual Christmas trip to Ferguson & The Farmers Market/Grove area…Merry Christmas to ME…it has been too long since I have been to a show..so looking forward to seeing everyone

  • This is so cute! Love how Craig can’t stop laughing, makes the skit that much funnier… I wish he would do more skits

  • was haveg rather dreary day being sick and etc with stomach flu this really bought smile 2 my face!!! thx rsa staff and craigyferg and guy who played prez gw bush!!!

  • Joe Bua

    Wink Martindale is still alive?

    Just looked at Wikipedia, he isn’t as old as I thought he was. Oops.