Craig is on the road, performing live on stage in Rochester, New York Friday night and also hosting an all-new episode of the Late Late Show in Los Angeles, thanks to the magic of television.  He’s part of the homecoming festivities at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  Saturday he has a sold-out show in Washington, DC.

As he often does, Craig’s warm up comedian Randy Kagan is providing pictures of the tour, including these:  CF smiling. A real smile. Not a show biz one. #RSA #craigyferg View of our G4 from our tour bus. God bless CF! #RSA #craigyferg

Here’s a look at the rest of his schedule, with live performances each of the next nine nights:

  • Oct 15 Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY
  • Oct 16 The Warner Theatre, Washington DC
  • Oct 17 The Paramount Theatre, Charlottesville, VA
  • Oct 18 DuPont Theatre, Wilmington, DE
  • Oct 19 Sovereign Performing Arts Center, Reading, PA
  • Oct 20 Weinburg Theatre, Scranton, PA
  • Oct 21 State Theatre , New Brunswick, NJ
  • Oct 22 Mohegan Sun Casino Arena, Uncansville, CT
  • Oct 23 Carnegie Hall, New York, NY

Some locations, including New York City have two performances.  Check with each venue for specific show times.

Craig arrived in Rochester for the show Friday evening and tweeted:  Arrived Rochester NY. Miserable driving rain and a cold northern wind. Like my childhood with better teeth. To which his sister Lynn replied:  @CraigyFerg have you got your vest on? And-or dufflecoat? X If you’re in the Los Angeles area next week, you should catch Lynn’s one-woman show at the Stella Adler Theater called Heart & Sole.

Craig also had a message for Drew Carey after Thursday’s show:  @DrewFromTV Even though you cost me $10k tonight I could not be prouder of you. Good luck on the walk. I love you man.#notgayokmaybealittle How did Drew’s visit cost Craig ten grand?  A pledge to a good cause, which Drew tweeted about:  Looking for Sponsors for the AIDS Walk in LA this Sunday! Craig Ferguson pledged 10 grand! How about you? Meanwhile, Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker is setting up shop in Washington, DC for Saturday night:  Dinner at Mini Bar in D.C. tonight. I’ll be wearing my stretchy eating pants. Bring it on Jose Andres!

Geoff Petersen‘s red carpet event was a hit.  Geoff’s voice, Josh Robert Thompson was happy:  … on “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”: my history-making encounter with MORGAN FREEMAN! #RSA

The RSA’s @Coleen_Byrne noticed that Craig talked about an extra 20-minute How To Train Your Dragon feature, available only in the two-DVD box set which came out today.  She discovered that has it available for just a dollar more than the single DVD.

Charlottesville, Virginia’s Greene Country Record is already talking about Craig’s upcoming show on Sunday.

Grant Imahara of the Mythbusters and creator of Geoff Petersen sent out a tweet Friday evening:  We are having a friday afternoon office debate about who can kill who among the following: ninjas, pirates, robots, vikings… And Geoff replied:  @grantimahara I can settle your office bet. Robot Skeletons are most lethal. Unless confronted by ninjas, pirates, or Vikings. Grant joked:  @GeoffTheRobot Thank goodness you have no fighting skills. Really, it’s for the good of mankind… And Geoff said:  @grantimahara You wisely left out the aggression chip. Plus I am off warranty … This could be a great question.  We’ll see how the Mythbusters deal with it.

Friday on the Late Late Show, Craig welcomes TV host Julie Chen, actor Ty Burrell and country crooner Billy Currington.  The folks at CBS gave us a tease about Craig’s interview with Julie:  The Talk’s Julie Chen teaches #CraigyFerg about being a woman on 2nite’s Late Late Show. 12:37 AM ET/PT on CBS. #RSA And Geoff Petersen has been tweeting:  Expect more than the usual horseplay with The Fergermeister tonight on Late x 2 with my fave host @CraigyFerg Just remember, kids. Horseplay leads to tears… In your pants!

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