Voice actor Josh R. Thompson (the voice behind robot skeleton sidekick Geoff Petersen) is having fun recording an animated series: Recording MORE new voices4 “American Dad”! Hear me as David Schwimmer, Al Gore, Michael Moore & others, this Fall on Fox!

LLS producer Michael Naidus may have had a little trouble sleeping last night, based on his tweet:  Today is a national holiday in Uruguay; I know this because of the concert outside my hotel window.

RSA member @isntmynamecool found a clip of Craig from an early stand up comedy appearance on Scottish television for us.  The Scottish accent is here, loud and clear… including his Sean Connery impersonation.

On tonight’s encore presentation (rerun) on the Late Late Show, we are expecting actor Antonio Banderas and comedian Paula Poundstone, from the May 26th episode.

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  • I’ve seen parts of that stand up appearance and I just hate it. Not that he’s not funny, but I feel so sad for him thinking about how miserable he was at the time (he was still drinking and drugging).