Craig is tweeting about tonight’s show:  The beloved @eddieizzard helping answer tweeties & emails on the show tonight. Your chance to have all your problems solved.

He also clarified that while you’ll be seeing him in promos throughout Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, his big night is the special on Wednesday at 10pm ET (check for the exact time in your region):  My sharkweek special airs Wed night. Til then #sharkweek is mostly sharks. Actually the special is mostly sharks too. #sharkweekisntaboutme

Of course with Shark Week being a big deal at the Discovery Channel, one might think that people would be searching for “Shark Week” on the internet.  They are, but apparently they’re searching for “Craig Ferguson” more.  For a while yesterday, Craig was the most-searched term on Yahoo.  Now that’s some RSA power!  Thanks to @Colleen_Byrne and @bgrhubarb for letting us know.

Speaking of @bgrhubarb, she let us know that some links on our page weren’t working.  They’ve been fixed now.  Since the page is very new and we tend to write code when we’re very sleepy, you might discover other things that don’t work.  Please let us know!

Craig was scheduled to appear the CBS morning news program, The Early Show, but apparently was not on today. We’re not sure why but we’ll let you know when it is rescheduled.

Tonight on the Late Late Show, as mentioned above, the always funny Eddie Izzard helps Craig with tweets and emails and his chattiness interviews the permanently tanned George Hamilton.

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