The big night is here!  Craig‘s special hour of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel debuts at 10pm ET (check local listings for the time in your region).  As you’ve seen from the previews, promos and still photographs from the past few weeks, Craig will be swimming with Caribbean reef sharks and giving us a great up-close look at their sharky goodness.  Craig tweeted earlier today:  My shark week special airs tonight on @discovery 10pm. Big ups to my bitey homies neath the waves. Swim on you crazy diamonds

The website tvbythenumbers reports that lots of people are watching Shark Week.  Meanwhile, tells us why they love Shark Week.

Craig also expressed some thoughts today on comedy and audience reactions:  Last night I trashed evolutionary theory I’ve changed my mind. It exists, but not in literal minded didactics who can’t take a fucking joke

It seems plenty of people can take a joke. Craig’s tweets are once again making Twitter’s top tweets section of their home page.  Thanks to RSA members @KatrinaRSA and @Fanny57 for sending us screen grabs when it happened.

With all of the shark frenzy going on, don’t forget about the Late Late Show!  Tonight’s guests are Big Brother host Julie Chen and comedian Paula Poundstone.

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  • Beth Ann Anderson

    Hi Craig,

    Indeed my request to God to have mom get a phone call at 10pm worked just fine. I got to listen to you narrate this show that I wasn’t thrilled on watching. Having read “American On Purpose” I learned you like to be adventurous, but as for me, I’m not a person that even swims, let alone swim with sharks. I hope you meant it, that you wouldn’t be doing it again! You did an awesome job with narration, however I could listen to you read the phone directory, & it would make me want to hear the entire thing. I was pleased to see a bit of two of your tattoos, surprised I didn’t get a glimpse of “Join Or Die”. You did well, I hope you “enjoyed” the task, & I am hoping I don’t have to watch you do that anymore! Take care of yourself, Bethie – Staunton VA