Craig and company take the show on the road Friday night for a stand up comedy performance at San Diego’s Balboa Theater. He’ll be in Riverside, CA at the Fox Performing Arts Center on Saturday.  As for today, he wanted to get something off his chest:  I’ve got an under the skin zit on my nose that is invisible but I can feel. It’s like I have a guilty secret. Which I do. My love of ham. Randy Kagan is ready for work:  Fame Adjacent Tour heading to San Diego and Riverside. Cali Baby! And Geoff Petersen is relaxing:  Show’s over. Studios dark and quiet. Ah… Kerplunk!

The San Diego Union-Tribune previews Craig’s show by interviewing our fearless leader, who says some interesting things about his live shows and puppets.  Check out the headline… are we odd? reviews Bill Carter’s book about late night and hands Craig a compliment in the process.

When Craig appeared on the Discovery Channel for Shark Week,  he had fun exploring the ocean.  As a certified scuba diver, he had a unique chance to get up close and personal with the sharks.  Here are three clips from the show that give us a taste of what he saw… and said:

Video courtesy: DiscoveryNetworks

Video courtesy: DiscoveryNetworks

Video courtesy: DiscoveryNetworks

On tonight’s Late Show with David Letterman, Dave lands the first broadcast interview with one of the rescued Chilean miners, Edison Pena.

On Thursday’s Late Late Show, Craig interviews beloved actor Dick Van Dyke and actress Kerry Washington.  Plus, we’re in for a special guest according to CBS:  Samuel L. Jackson stops by LateLateShow w @CraigyFerg 2 C guest Dick Van Dyke. 2nite CBS 12:37 On Friday, singer/actress Juliette Lewis and author/philosopher Cornel West are Craig’s guests.

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  • Bernard D

    i so very much wanted to go to the San Diego show at the Balboa Theater but I just couldn’t swing the finances for it. hope the #RSArmy is having a blast!