Radio Reaching One Year
It’s been nearly a year since Craig Ferguson debuted his radio show on SiriusXM. Starting on the satellite radio service’s comedy channel in February of 2017, it quickly became the second-most listened-to show (after Howard Stern) and was moved to the Faction Talk Channel (103). The show has an unstructured format, allowing for fun conversations and visits from celebrity guests. Upcoming guests on Craig Ferguson’s SiriusXM radio talk show include Kurt Braunohler, Mark Forward, Greg Fitzsimmons, Lisa Kudrow, Aussie comedy trio Aunty Donna, Danny Trejo and Jimmy Pardo.

Hardwick’s Podcast
Chris Hardwick is rebranding his Nerdist podcast. It’ll still be found in all of the places you could find the podcast in the past, and current subscribers won’t even have to lift a finger. The newly named ID10T podcast debuts this week. As the Hollywood Reporter explains, Hardwick sold off the “Nerdist” name a few years ago, but retained the rights to the podcast and its library. Since he no longer owns the “Nerdist” name, he had to rename the podcast, on which Craig has been a repeat guest.

The Devil In Poetry
In this monologue from The Late Late Show, Craig bangs on about the devil and Elizabethan poets.

Video courtesy: YouTube

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