Monday night’s Late Late Show marks the sixth anniversary of Craig‘s debut as permanent host of the Late Late Show, January 3rd, 2005.  He had guest hosted the show seven times in 2004 after the departure of Craig Kilborn.  If you haven’t already sent a congratulatory tweet to @CraigyFerg, please do.  And let’s hope for many more years of Craig to come!

BREAKING NEWS:  Two more shows have been added to Craig’s Denver tour stop.  After quickly selling out a Thursday and Friday show, the Comedy Works added two Friday shows.  Now that they’ve sold out, they’ve added two Saturday shows on March 19th.  This is a great chance to see Craig live and up close in a smaller venue.  Get ’em while they’re hot!  Thanks to the ever-alert @Colleen_Byrne for the heads up!

Live chat Monday night:  We opened the live chat room for a few hours on Monday night, so roboskellies could have a chance to meet up and talk about the first new show of the year.  We’ll look for more opportunities to use it.

BBC America is reminding its viewers that Alex Kingston will be Craig’s guest on Thursday.

UPDATE: Craig tweeted:  Finally cleared Dr Who cold open. I’ll broadcast it on CBS Thurs when River Song is on the show. #apologiestothosewhodontknowdrwho

FURTHER UPDATE: And for all you Doctor Who fans out there, British media are reporting that the tenth Doctor, Scottish actor David Tennant, is engaged to his girlfriend of the past two and a half years.  Stories are in the Daily Mail, the Sun and Scottish Television.  We first saw RSA night owl @SariesWick‘s tweets about it and @Fanny57 had retweeted a tweet earlier.  Tennant’s fiancée, Georgia Moffett, is the daughter of the fifth Doctor, Peter Davison.  Tennant and Moffett met on the show’s set, when she appeared in an episode as his daughter.

Chris Hardwick, the @Nerdist offered up this question on the tweety box:  I’ve heard a lot of debate how to say ‘2011’. Two thousand eleven? Twenty eleven? I propose “two hundred tens, eleven”. And Craig responded (with a new variation on Hardwick’s hashtag #LeTitsNow):  @nerdist twenty-tenty-one? Twenty-eleventy? #LeTitsThen

Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker is enjoying some new-ish surroundings:  we’ve redecorated our little corner of the LLS offices. new year, new used CBS furniture!

LLS assistant producer Andrea Wayland reminded us to start sending in questions for Craig to read on the show:  The Late Late Show is back from break! Send your Twitter Q’s to @CraigyFerg w/ name & town and see if yours gets picked. #LLS #CraigFerguson We refer you to the RSA’s @bgrhubarb‘s extensive FAQ Page for tips on submitting questions and her growing collection of examples of tweets that will get you blocked by Craig.  Nice tweets that are good questions and don’t try too hard to be funny have the best chance!

Geoff Petersen wonders about one of Craig’s guests:  Social network dilemma for your robot skelly. Lisa Kudrow is on tonight’s @CraigyFerg. Is it possible to friend her or is that redundant?

Geoff’s voice, Josh Robert Thompson tweeted a new link:  Watch my new TV commercials here: #morethanfreeman

Craig tweeted about Monday’s show:  Can two priceless Ming vases survive on the same stage as a rogue pantomime horse. Of course not. Yup we’re back & I for one am delighted.

Monday night is the first new Late Late Show of 2011.  Craig’s guests are actress/producer Lisa Kudrow and actor Matt Braunger.  On Tuesday, Craig will talk with actress Julie Bowen and fashion expert Carson Kressley.

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  • Charlieocean

    After poor Bridgers impact with Secretariat, I think he’s entitled to a large cash settlment. Oh MY! Where is OSHA when you need them. GREAT show.

    BTW, has Sid gone over to the other (French) side? Haven’t seen him in a while.

    • “Sid” was in the chat room last night. He was quite funny and had me in stitches!