Okay, okay. Maybe a little bit more of Shark Week stuff, just because it’s fun.  The RSA’s @Colleen_Byrne put together a collection of screen captures from Craig‘s special last week.

The folks over at Extra had some fun with Lindsay Sloane‘s use of the word “poof” on the show, when referring to a Jersey Shore hairstyle.

As Craig tweeted on Saturday, the North County Times of San Diego/Escondido followed up that Craig and his son enjoyed a special event this past weekend:

People watching: Talk-show host Craig Ferguson joined the thousands of fans attending “Star Wars Days” at Legoland over the weekend. The host of “Late Night With Craig Ferguson” and his 9-year-old son, Milo, a big “Star Wars” fan, met Darth Vader and some Imperial Stormtroopers on Saturday before heading to the new Legoland water park. … It wasn’t just official fan club members who got attention at the weekend event. Spokeswoman Beth Chee said the costumes of some of the guests were so realistic that they could barely make their way through the park. “The lines were 15 deep stopping them to take pictures,” Chee said.

The Hollywood Reporter says Jimmy Fallon has the greatest social media impact among late-night show hosts but Craig did make the list as well.

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig talks with actor David Duchovny and author/humor columnist Dave Barry.

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  • Kirk

    THANK YOU COLLEEN! LOL I used to be a copy editor for The Times in Shreveport, La., and that kind of thing drives me banana mad! LOL

  • LOL! The North County Times needs a copy editor. It’s the Late Late Show, people!