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Visit our Stand Up Comedy Special page to click, register and watch the show! No special code is needed, and you’ll be able to check out everything EpixHD has to offer for 14 days free.

The excitement is building for Craig’s stand up comedy special Does This Need To Be Said, which airs at 8pm ET Saturday night.  Of course, as a website that focuses on all things Craig Ferguson-related, we’ve been talking about it for months.  Now that the day is upon us, lots of other people are talking about it, including TVSquad.com in the most extensive interview they’ve done with Craig to date.

Take a look at this in-depth interview by Mike Ryan for Movieline.com, in which Craig talks about his show, fans, criticism, censorship and much more.  NBC Miami is also recommending the show.  The Tampa Bay radio station that interviewed Craig on Thursday has now posted the interview online.  We have links to radio interviews in Tampa Bay and Cleveland in our previous post.  Thanks again to @Colleen_Byrne for tracking down the links.

All this week, we’ve been showing on stage and behind the scenes clips from Craig’s new stand up special.  Our friends at EpixHD.com sent another new bonus clip today, where Craig tells us how Scots talk about sex.  And here, Craig talks about upper class accents.

Video courtesy: EpixHD

The special will debut at 8pm ET on Saturday and be available online on demand after that.  We have details our Epix Stand Up Special page.

The @nerdist Chris Hardwick posted a picture of an impromptu meeting of late night mugs on his desk.

Friday on the Late Late Show, Craig reads tweetmails with actor DJ Qualls and interviews actress/comedienne Lily Tomlin.

Live Chat on Saturday Night

We’ll open the live chat room here on the site at 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT on Saturday (one half hour before the show) and remain open for skellies to chat during and after the debut of Does This Need To Be Said.  Just watch for the Live Chat Room button on the menu bar near the top of the page.  When the link is visible, the chat room is open.  See you on Saturday night!

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  • CharlieOcean

    I hate to sound like a maroon, but I’ve got my Epix account, but nothing happening an hour out. Should it at this point?

    • hopefully you’ve see it by now / but if not – check your email …

  • Oh man, I can’t wait! I’m keeping the epix.com window with the count down open and got an alarm set just to make sure I don’t miss it.

    • me too. I tossed my TV over a year ago – but I NEVER miss LLS the next morning over my tea… LOVE CF

  • Hey Guys, Any idea on how to watch the special online & be in the chat room at the same time? I’ll ask on Twitter too. Thanks for all the Craigy goodness every day. Cozyhobo

    • Anonymous

      You’re welcome. 🙂 We can think of at least 3 options: Two windows open on one computer, one on a computer the other on a smart phone, or two computers. We’re going to keep two windows open. If none of those work, you could always chat before and after the show. Have a great time!