Radio interviews:  Craig Ferguson was interviewed on two radio shows Thursday afternoon:

  • The first was is at 4pm ET on Miami’s  They have promised to post the interview.  We’ll link to it here when it becomes available.
  • The second was at 4:30pm ET on Tampa’s Cowhead Show.  The interview was shown on which had a video stream of the radio show.  Not sure if they will be posting an archive version.

Thanks @colleen_byrne for the heads up on both shows!

We’re just a few days away from Craig‘s stand up comedy special Does This Need To Be Said on EPIX and  Several skellies have been asking about it:  Yes, you can see the special live at 8pm ET on Saturday on  But you can also see it on demand on their website any time after that, as long as you’re a subscriber.  How much to be a subscriber?  There is a monthly charge, which you can read about on the website but there is also a a 14-day free trial, just for Craig Ferguson fans. *wink*  Craig’s special has been chosen as a “Tonight’s Best TV” pick for Saturday by Entertainment Weekly.

All this week, we’re showing clips from Craig’s stand up special and behind the scenes interviews. Here, he talks about his appreciation for the South.

Video courtesy: EpixHD

Craig tweeted another clip today:  The implication here I suppose is that, left uncensored, I’m somewhat profane. Poppycock! Balderdash! Balls! @EpixHD Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker added:  Watch Craig, bleep free, this Sat at 8pm ET on @EpixHD […] it is really #%^*ing funny

And the folks at @EpixHD sent another bonus clip today of Craig talking about his cussing ways.  They’ve also been asking Craig trivia questions all this week and sending Craig quotes on their Twitter account.  Follow them to join in the fun.

The RSA’s General @malinky2stoatir drew our attention to this: RIP YT ch 420TheDudeAbides A major loss for Craig Ferguson fans…greatest compilation of Wick clips I’ve ever seen. #WarnerDoesItAgain #RSA Let’s hope the Dude is able to rebuild, so we can all enjoy Nigel‘s antics.

The New York Post mentioned Craig’s upcoming stand up comedy special, Does This Need To Be Said in its Wednesday edition. It’s part of a larger article that starts with frequent LLS guest Henry Winkler being told he will receive one of the United Kingdom’s highest civilian honors for his work with children. Congratulations, Henry!

William Shatner commiserated with Craig about their desire for more promotion of their shows, which caught the attention of

Wednesday on the Late Late Show, Craig talks with actress Joely Fisher and comedian Matt Kirshen, whose scheduled appearance Friday was moved up to Wednesday.  Plus, a special guest for tweetmails, the @nerdist Chris Hardwick, who tweeted:  Tweetmailin’ w/ @CraigyFerg tonight! *chestbump* On Thursday, Craig’s guests are actress Sarah Chalke and comedian Louie Anderson.

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