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If tuning in and listening to Craig Ferguson on his weekday radio show just isn’t enough for his legions of roboskellies and hobos, there is now a new radio show on Saturdays that will recap some of the best moments of the week from The Craig Ferguson Show. The Talking Shed will feature host Steve Varley, producer Dan Spaventa, plus Joseph Bolter and Tomas Zakopal. You can hear it on SiriusXM’s Faction Talk 103 Saturdays at 11am ED / 8am PT and on demand. Upcoming guests on Craig’s SiriusXM radio show over the next couple of weeks include Rory O’Malley, Brian Henson, Michael Rappaport, Roddy Hart, Alli Breen and Joe DeRosa.

Great Minds Think Alike
A comedian who heard Craig’s new stand up special thought she heard him tell a joke that she wrote, about of all things, pubic hair shaped like the mustache of a well-known historical figure. She complained about it on Twitter, but later realized that variations of the joke have been around for years. She then backtracked and apologized, as reported by the website It’s a funny world out there, and coincidences can happen.

Thinking As A Couple
When launching their YouTube show Couple Thinkers this fall, Craig and his wife Megan took part in a Q & A session in Stockholm.

Video courtesy: Gant

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