Craig’s Tattoos
Craig Ferguson has three tattoos, which he has said is purely because he was told after getting his second tattoo that it was unlucky have an even number of tattoos.  When pressed to answer who gave him this advice, he sheepishly admits, “A tattoo artist.”

The first was one on his right shoulder that he has referred to as his father’s family crest, although in Scottish clan terminology, it appears to be what is often called a “badge” for the Ferguson clan.  He has shown that tattoo several times since getting it in 2007 at the famous Miami Ink tattoo parlor.

The second and third tattoos came around the same time in 2009, thanks to the enterprising tattoo artist mentioned above.  The one on his left shoulder is to honor his mother’s family, the Ingram family.  It is rarely seen, and even from the photos we’ve seen, it’s difficult to tell if it is a crest, a coat of arms, a badge or some other sort of device. In the first photo, you can see part of the tattoo from a Twitter avatar Craig briefly used. The second is the “badge” of the Colquhoun clan, to whom the Ingram family is tied. The third is a screen capture of Craig on a show when he decided not to wear his suit for the opening of the show. The last two are examples of Ingram family crests we found, but none seem to quite resemble the tattoo itself. We would need a better look to be sure.

The most visible of the three is one of a cartoon drawn by none other than Ben Franklin, in the Pennsylvania Gazette in 1754, representing the colonies that would later assemble as the United States of America. First the cartoon itself, then Craig’s tattoo.

You can read more about Craig’s tattoos on the RSA’s @bgrhubarb‘s very thorough Craig-related FAQ page about two-thirds of the way down the page in the right-hand column.

The Doctor Carries the Torch
Doctor Who actor Matt Smith will be one of the lucky few to carry the Olympic torch as it makes its way through the United Kingdom ahead of this year’s Games, according to the BBC. Fans of the show had petitioned to have the tenth Doctor, actor David Tennant carry the torch, because he did so in an episode of the show’s forth modern series, as pictured on Thanks to the RSA’s @MissGraoully for the link!

Craig’s Voice as Lord MacIntosh
All this week, we have been featuring clips and short parodies from the upcoming Disney/Pixar animated feature film Brave. This time, we get to hear the voice talents of Craig Ferguson as Lord MacIntosh, as he presents a relic to the king:

Video courtesy: Disney/Pixar

Tonight’s Guests
Friday on the Late Late Show, Craig welcomes back actor Jason Alexander after a five-year absence from the show, along with actress Angela Kinsey.  Kinsey tweeted a photo with her daughter Isabel:

Backstage @craigyferg! It airs tonight!

All new shows continue next week.  You can see the details on our Guests page.

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  • I believe the tattoo honoring his mother is a Celtic cross. Also, the guy who kicked Craig’s ass in the Spur Hotel bar was Cal Cahoon, as seen in the last show’s credits. Not that I’m pedantic or anything. ;-p