The wire service UPI finally got around to reporting what you read here first more than a week ago:  The Late Late Show is planning an episode with all five lead cast members of the Big Bang Theory on September 22nd.  Tickets to the show taping are already sold out and CBS is talking about the upcoming show.  Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly reports that actress Kaley Cuoco will be absent from the season’s first few episodes (and we assume perhaps from next Wednesday’s Late Late Show) due to injuries she suffered in a horseback riding accident.

The RSA’s @Colleen_Byrne snapped some pictures at Craig‘s San Francisco stand up performance last Saturday night.

The RSA’s @greyblue_eyes tells us that author @StuartNeville‘s new book Collusion has an acknowledgment to Craig, thanking his chattiness for giving him such a boost in US & for being very sweary.  Hear, hear! is starting to post something about the Late Late Show almost every night.  This time, they had fun with Craig and William Shatner exchanging seats.  Craig tweeted about the experience:  My Lord William Shatner was crazysexycool on the show tonight. Hilarious. And very odd. #ithinkimightbegayforcaptainkirk

Tonight on the Late Late Show, Craig talks with actress Jennifer Finnigan (who tweeted after her interview was taped:  Just finished my @CraigyFerg interview,which airs Friday,it was a blast!! I can never say enough about him-smart, funny, kind!) and spends some quality time with fashion expert Tim Gunn (whispered:  Tim Gunn).

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