Couple Thinkers Grows
Craig Ferguson‘s latest television venture which he co-hosts with his wife Megan, Couple Thinkers, has been gaining momentum on YouTube, with the six episodes garnering more than 90 thousand views since their debut last week. Media outlets like and others continue to talk about the series as a new way of doing television and a new way for the show’s backer, the European clothing retailer Gant, to reach audiences. Several websites that focus on food have reported on the show’s first episode featuring Kimbal Musk. If you haven’t already, check out the full series here.

Upcoming Guests
A new slate of guests has been added for Craig’s SiriusXM radio show, including Mark Feuerstein, The Sklar Brothers, astronaut Terry Virts, Ross Mathews, Jim Jefferies, Alli Breen and Bruce Dickinson.

Mama Mia
In this monologue from The Late Late Show, Craig talks about Arnold Schwarzenegger, an ABBA museum and dingoes.

Video courtesy: YouTube

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