Couple Thinkers Debuts
Craig Ferguson‘s new YouTube based show Couple Thinkers debuted this week, with all six episodes hitting the web at once. The show, featuring Craig and his wife Megan, asks some of life’s big questions and seeks out experts to search for answers. The show is produced by European clothing maker Gant, and apart from announcements at the beginning and end of the program (and Craig and Megan wearing Gant clothing), there is no other advertising contained in the show itself. Careful viewers of Gant’s YouTube channel will, however, see Craig and Megan in videos more closely resembling ads as well. Marketing and technology watchers like are interested in how the main programs areintended to reach audiences and whether they will boost the brand’s profile in the U.S., particularly with millennials. The Hollywood Reporter, New York Magazine’s Vulture website, the New York Daily News and The Informer also covered the launch.

This Week’s Guests
This months’s guests on Craig’s SiriusXM radio show include Joe DeRosa, Mark Feuerstein, The Sklar Brothers, Terry Virts, Jim Jeffries and Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson.

Karaoke Power
Current Late Late Show host James Corden recently spoke to W Magazine about performing on Broadway, life as a talk show host, music and more.

Just Keep Swimming
In this 2013 monologue from The Late Late Show, Craig talks about Diana Nyad‘s swim from Cuba to Florida, French sharks and Jay Leno.

Video courtesy: YouTube

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