Tickle Fight Debuts
Craig Ferguson‘s newest stand up comedy special Tickle Fight is now available on Netflix. If you don’t have a Netflix membership yet, you can sign up for a month for free, with no penalty if you cancel. Monthly plans from from eight bucks a month to 14, with the higher price tags on higher-resolution video.

Forwarding Address
Canadian comedian Mark Forward, who has opened many times for Craig on the road, recently delivered a speech on the state of Canadian comedy at this summer’s Just For Laughs comedy festival. He sat down to talk with the comedy website Splitsider.com about the speech, what he’s been up to, the business of comedy and much more.

Superb Owl Monologue
In this monologue from The Late Late Show, Craig chats with two ladies from Germany and one from Ohio, and then talks about the Superbowl.

Video courtesy: YouTube

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