It’s a great day for America, everybody.  No really, it is.  And it’s also a great day for Austalia because the new Eleven Network confirmed on Twitter today that it will be carrying the Late Late Show.  Its sister company, the Ten  Network has carried Late Night with David Letterman for several years.  The Eleven Network will launch next year.  So in the near future, RSA members in Australia will be able to get their daily dose of our fearless leader!

Craig resumes his stand up comedy tour at the end of the week in New Hampshire.  It will be a busy month on the road for his chattiness, including his chance to play New York’s Carnegie Hall.  Here’s a look at all of Craig’s confirmed appearances that we know of:

2010 Tour Dates

  • Oct 1 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH
  • Oct 2 University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI
  • Oct 3 Midland Theatre, Kansas City, MO
  • Oct 16 The Warner Theatre, Washington DC
  • Oct 17 The Paramount Theatre, Charlottesville, VA
  • Oct 18 DuPont Theatre, Wilmington, DE
  • Oct 19 Sovereign Performing Arts Center, Reading, PA
  • Oct 20 Weinburg Theatre, Scranton, PA
  • Oct 21 State Theatre , New Brunswick, NJ
  • Oct 22 Mohegan Sun Casino Arena, Uncansville, CT
  • Oct 23 Carnegie Hall, New York, NY
  • Nov 5 Balboa Theater, San Diego, CA
  • Nov 6 Fox Performing Arts Center, Riverside, CA
  • Nov 20 Polk Theater, Nashville TN
  • Dec 3 Fantasy Springs Casino, Indio CA

Some locations may have a second shows if supported by ticket demand.  Other dates may be added.  Please check local information for specific times and venue details.

Geoff Petersen‘s voice, actor Josh Robert Thompson sent a tweet about last Wednesday night’s premiere of You AgainFor those asking: Geoff Petersen’s dialogue was NOT pre-recorded on the red carpet-that was all done LIVE! #RSA #gayrobot

Sela Ward

It’s another great week of all-new episodes of the Late Late Show in store for you.  On Monday, Craig welcomes producer/director Guillermo Del Toro and actress Sela Ward.  On Tuesday, it’s actor David Boreanaz from the CBS series Bones and actress Melissa McCarthy.  Then on Wednesday, Comedian Stephen Wright stops by, along with author Sloane Crosley (held over from last week) and country singer Blake Shelton.  Then on Thursday, it’s actor Edward Norton and actress Odette Yustman.  Finally on Friday, Craig chats with actress Carey Mulligan and comedian Marc Maron.

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  • Fergufool

    Best chance of meeting Craig now is indeed at book signings or gigs with prearranged meet & greets. He’s done a few at other venues, esp charity events, but these days the M & Gs seem limited to Vegas.

    Craig usually leaves immediately after a show unless he has friends or family visiting him backstage. In the past he would spend a little time with peeps on his way out, but very rarely now, esp if he has a gig the next night or a TLLS taping the next day.

    Peeps have sometimes given Randy or Jeff their books, and they took them it in to be autographed.

    IMO it’s totally rude to pester Craig if you spot him dining or sightseeing, or *before* a show, but you might get lucky after one. Remember though that it’s on HIS time then; he doesn’t owe it to anyone. Realize that he can be too gracious for his own good sometimes, so be considerate!

    I’ve met him several times, after shows, at book signings, and once in a parking lot. He was a darling every time, and he remembers meeting you before. He’s very warm, but quiet & rather shy, quite different than his stage persona. That side of him is just lovely, so natural & genuine.

    You realize how tall he is in person, and yes, his eyes are *spectacular*, different shades of sparkling blue, depending on the lighting & what he’s wearing. Plus if he hugs you, he’s kind of scary-strong, but he smells great. 🙂

  • Hoborobot

    Craig, c’mon out for a bbq while you’re in my region on the 1st; I’ll show you the 40 xmas ornaments I’ve made so far for the Late Late Show themed Christmas Tree.

    Working on Tweety Flamingo today. and got the cow and goat puppet at the_big_e fair last Friday – got enough farm animals to sing Old McFerguson had a farm, eee iii eee iii ooooh

    Chicken, pig, goat, cow (Wavy is looking at them and considering dinner feast) Uh oh!


  • beanonacracker

    ill be seeing him on the 5th of november, i really hope ill meet him after the show. he’s truly amazing and i just want to see him for once. *crossing my fingers!!!** if any tips….PLEASE REPLY!

  • indyfan25

    I tried to meet him when he came to Greensburg, PA in April, I waited outside the stage door for an hour and a half. But Craig left right after the show was over. He had a car waiting for him to take him to the airport so he could do his show in Cleveland the next day. Maybe if he doesn’t have to be anywhere the next day or in a hurry, you might have a chance. But his stand up is amazing. Best night of my life. Good luck.

  • WH2H_Radio

    I have a question for the RSA. I’ve never seen Craig on tour before, and will be driving from Texas to Kansas City to see him at the Midland Theater on 03 Oct. (Of course, in my RSA shirt!) I know I can’t take my camera inside for the show, but I was wondering if I should take my “American On Purpose” book with me. Does Craig ever stay to meet the audience or sign autographs after the show? Thanks! ~Ms. Lavender

    • RSANews

      From what we have seen, it is rare that Craig schedules specific times for autographs or meet and greets in connection with his shows on tour. The most common chances to meet him were at book signing events when he was promoting his books or post-show meet and greets with VIP pass holders at his Las Vegas shows. However, a handful of roboskellies have been fortunate to meet him at a stage door and get a quick picture or autograph. Have any of our readers met Craig before or after a show? Reply to this comment and let us know about your experience.