Tucson on Sale Saturday
Tickets for Craig Ferguson’s April 19th live stand up comedy show at the Casino Del Sol in Tucson, Arizona will go on sale Saturday, according to Tucson’s Daily Star newspaper. Thanks to the RSA’s sharp-eyed @GuinKelly for spotting the article. Meanwhile, tickets for Craig’s show at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center in Lancaster, CA (north of Los Angeles) are now on sale. You can see the latest information on our Live Comedy Tour page.

Phun With Phil
Astronomer Phil Plait had a great time visiting with Craig on Wednesday’s show and decided to play a tribute to the show on the golden mouth organ. It’s a brief chance to see the golden mouth organ up close. He also tweeted a link to the images he talked about on the show:

Here are links to the pix I showed on @craigyferg‘s show: http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/2011/12/15/epic-tantrum-thrown-by-30-octillion-ton-baby/

Late Night Band
The Huffington Post reports on Thomas Lennon’s appearance on the Late Late Show and his attempt to create an “air band” with Craig.

Web Contest Win
After many attempts and lots of clicks from lots of robot skeletons, the Late Late Show has won a web-based popularity poll. As Craig re-tweeted on Thursday afternoon, the LLS won the Best Variety Show category in the TV.com Best of 2011 poll. Also, Craig came in second in the Funniest Late Night Host category behind Jon Stewart of The Daily Show.  TV.com is a CBS Interactive website.

Didgeridoo or Didgeridon’t
Craig closes the show with a puppy instead of a cat and plays a rented Australian instrument.

Video courtesy: RoQu3tO

Tonight’s Guests

Thursday on the Late Late Show, Craig welcomes back actor Henry Winkler and his How To Train Your Dragon castmate, actor Jay Baruchel.  CBS tweeted:

2nite @hwinkler4real talks fishing & sends a special message to eels, then @BaruchelNDG visits @CraigyFerg on #LateLateShow 12:37am ET/PT

On Friday, watch for radio personality and comedian Dennis Miller and music by The Light Brigade.

Guest Update

The confirmed guest list has been updated through March 14, including Louie Anderson and Jennette McCurdy. You can see the most up-to-date listings on our Guests page.

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  • Greengenie

    I LOVE seeing the daily clips from past shows. I wish CBS would ‘wise up’ and offer the Craig fans boxed sets of ALL his shows starting with the very first. I KNOW a BUNCH of us WOULD buy them. Or at least a set of “Best of” all his skits etc. AND– a BOBBLE-HEAD of both Craig & Geoff. Come on, CBS– what are you waiting for???

  • i think the TV.com result came out awhile ago, but @jrthompson just tweeted about it a couple of days ago. but always a good reminder #inyourpants

  • what is it with science people and the golden mouth organ? 🙂

  • good as always thx rsa news craigyferg and THANK U HENRY WINKLER FOR REALLY MAKING MY DAUGHTER really HAPPY by sending her 2 autographs of yourself one as u currently are now and  one of u as the fonz and saying thx for the heart art she tried to draw u as fonz during special happy days epi where u was praying for richie red hair cunningham kid who was in bad accident not expected to live!!! WE WILL TREASURE it ALWAYS and thx craigyferg for all the great stuff u do on yr show  on my behalf and reading my long winded emails!!! thx again 4th anniv of friendship on leap day cool way to remember thx again dori matter bryan u sure know how cheer someone up when feeling blue thx , this short compared 2 emails!!! fyi thx again

  • good as always