Tickets for Craig‘s upcoming stand up comedy performance in Seattle are now on sale.  It may be another month or so before tickets are available for Toronto and Montreal; perhaps a little longer for Minnesota.  We also learned that for the Minnesota shows, subscribers to the casino’s email newsletter will get a one-day head start with a coupon code for pre-sale tickets before the general public… you don’t have to be a member of their player’s club.  We’ll keep an eye on ticket sales for those shows and update the links on our Live Comedy Tour page when anything changes.  In the meantime, good seats are still available for the other eleven shows on the list!

Some LLS favorites are coming back as guests in the next few weeks including Larry King, Steven Wright, Sophia Bush, Kristen Bell and more.  Just a few weeks after seeing French actress Catherine Deneuve on the show, another legendary actress, Isabella Rossellini, is scheduled to make an appearance.  Plus, sisters Wynona and Ashley Judd are on the list for future tapings, although not on the same night.  And Flying Wild Alaska‘s Ariel Tweto, who delighted Craig in her first appearance a few weeks ago, will be back.  See the most up-to-date listings on our Guests page any time.

The US and Canada switched to Daylight Saving Time a couple of weeks ago.  This weekend, Europe makes the switch.

Live chat Monday night:  Since Monday will be Craig’s first fresh, new show in a while we thought we’d open the live chat room so robot skeletons can catch up.  We’ll open at 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT (about one hour before the east coast airing of the show) and remain open through the show, closing at around 1:45am ET/10:45pm PT.  Just watch for the live chat button in the top menu… when it appears, the chat room is open.

Does Craig need to say much to get the audience on his side? Apparently not.

Video courtesy: Fergufool

Saturday, March 26th is Legal Assistant’s Day and Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. Maybe it could be Hollowed Out Volcano Day.  It’s also the birthdays of poet Robert Frost, playwright Tennessee Williams and Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy. Sunday, March 27th is Education and Sharing Day and Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day.  One of our favorites is the Whispering Bill Anderson classic, “Walk out backwards, and I’ll think you’re walking in.”

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  • Love the video! All Craig needs to do is stand there, as far as I’m concerned ;D And you must have read my mind – I was thinking about a chat for the return of new shows – looking forward to it!