Craig started a bit of a mustache revolution in the past 24 hours, starting with his tweet yesterday:  I’ve learned when your wife & child are giggling hysterically it’s time to shave off your sad mustache. Sorry no pictures. #nothinglikezorro Within moments, RSA members were tweeting back to Craig, asking him not to shave.  Several even put fake mustaches on their avatar pictures to encourage him to give the mustache another try.  Craig’s fans may remember his last ill-fated attempt at facial hair… a mustache he named “Rudy“.  He shaved it off shortly afterward, citing viewer backlash.  Today, clearly amused by all the chatter, Craig tweeted a picture: ok needy tweeters. Here’s me with moustache And although it was clear that Craig’s real mustache didn’t last, he added a final tweet with a definitive answer: my moustache & I broke up. Creative differences. He’s going solo.

Craig’s assistant Rebecca Tucker tweeted her apprehension: @CraigyFerg i fear the mustache. But she also added that she and her friends did well in the Santa Barbara triathlon:  Team late late show rocked the SB tri! I’m pooped. Thanks chris, mark and andrea!

RSA General @Malinky2Stoatir put it best after Friday night’s show:  The rerun fairy has left the building… #PeaceOutBe-atch #RSA Since all new episodes of the Late Late Show are returning Monday night, we’ll be opening the RSA News special event live chat room from 11pm-4:45am Eastern Time ( 8pm-1:45am Pacific) Monday for RSA members to talk about the Craig and the show.  Just look for the chat room button under the title bar on Monday… sign in and join us!

Thanks to the RSA’s @NadineWavy for sending us a clip of Craig performing his famous “Sheep Song” on a television special several years ago.

Video courtesy: karik00

Today is National Bow Tie Day, National Dream Day and National Neighborhood Day.  We’ll dream of wearing bow ties in your neighborhood and have them all covered.

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