was jealous that Neil Patrick Harris got to see a preview of Beauty and the Beast on Broadway.

Craig‘s opening act, comedian and writer Randy Kagan is gearing up for this month.  He tweeted Friday:  Denver folks get a sneak peek of 2011 tour. CF & I will have all new, extra crispy, cling free jokes. 3/16-3/20!

The @Nerdist Chris Hardwick will be at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo March 19th.

Friday fact:  If Craig Ferguson’s 551,000+ followers were gathered in one place, they would form the 32nd largest city in America, with a population greater than that of Oakland, Miami or Atlanta.  Now that’s a lot of robot skeletons!

French talk show host Jaques “Arthur” Essbag showed a brief behind-the-scenes video clip from his trip to the Late Late Show:

Video courtesy: u27v

Enjoy the clip while you can because Arthur is usually quick to request any video involving him on YouTube be taken down.

Friday on the Late Late Show, Craig welcomes comedienne Kathy Griffin and explorer/author Wendy Booker. LLS Producer Michael Naidus tweeted:   What do you do when diagnosed with MS? If you’re Wendy Booker, you run marathons and climb mountains. This remarkable woman’s on LLS tonight


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  • I was at the taping on March 3rd & will be there again on March 9th…Just cannot seem to stay away…Ha Ha

  • Let’s find an island and found a country exclusively for roboskellies 😀