Craig had two big shows in Milwaukee last night and heads to Minneapolis, Minnesota tonight. One reviewer from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel blogged about the show. Craig tweeted after the show: Fresh LLS shows start tonight through the miracle of pre taping. All other late night shows live of course. ( also cartoons are real) And he added this gem: Pabst theater has deck & vinyl collection backstage. Listening to old Bowie. Oh sweet Lord it’s wonderful.

Randy Kagan offered a picture of Milwaukee for us to enjoy: View from my window in Milwaukee. All the buildings are made of cheese.

After tonight’s Minneapolis show, Craig wraps up the tour in Chicago on Saturday night and heads home to Los Angeles.

Friday fact: If @CraigFerg’s 188,202 followers stayed two to a room, they’d fill every hotel in Los Angeles County. Road trip!

Another all new Late Late Show tonight features actress Lauren Graham and author/public radio game show host Peter Sagal.

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