Craig has already had a busy day: As my friend @stephenfry tweets about his travels in China I find myself driving to the dentist. #greenwithenvy Followed by this tweet: Today I’ve had my teeth scraped by a dentist and been scolded by twattybugs who thought I was tweeting & driving. #betterthanbeingmelgibson An effort is underway to get the hashtag #betterthanbeingmelgibson trending.

Speaking of trending, Craig’s tweet last night about bat nuts made Twitter’s front page. Thanks to the RSA’s bgrhubarb for the screen capture. The power of the Robot Skeleton Army is significant. Pointing 274,000 people in the same direction can do good things.

Grant Imahara tweeted something he thinks we all need to know: And 4 the record, Geoff P. isn’t “pleasuring himself” on the @CraigyFerg show. It’s a dbl fist pump. U just can’t see cuz of the podium! Talk about an upgrade.

Kevin Pollak is a fine actor, a stand up comedian, a talented voice impressionist, writer, producer, director and host of a groundbreaking internet talk show. Tonight, he gets to be Craig’s guest on the Late Late Show, along with actor Ted Danson.

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