Craig heads back to Las Vegas tomorrow for a pair of shows at the Venetian, Friday and Saturday nights. So far, we’ve heard that RSA members Colleen_Byrne, Fanny57, SariesWick, LolLioness and RSAScout are going to see Craig’s June 5th show. We’re hoping for pictures and stories, ladies! We’ll try to include any submissions early next week.

Entertainment Weekly was watching last night’s Late Late Show and picked up on Evangeline Lilly’s plan to become a children’s book author, as well as her offer to take off her dress for Craig.

Someone pretending to be former President George W. Bush joined twitter this week, according to an article in the Christian Science Monitor, which mentions Craig as an example of a successful celebrity tweeter.

Magic Week continues tonight on the Late Late Show with sleight of hand magician Jamy Ian Swiss, plus comedian Jeff Stilson.

We have two programming notes about Friday night: Due to a schedule change, actress Jennifer Tilly will be Craig’s guest, plus DirkWeems tweeted that he’ll be on tomorrow night as well: I’ll be hosting “ESPN-UK” on Friday’s Late Late Show. Special guest: my arch-nemesis Stanley Wilson. Booyah and, to a lesser extent, Huzzah!

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